do not enter is written on the doorway, why can't everyone just go away? except you, you can stay

- about me -

hi!! I'm elliot, I use he/they/it pronouns and I'm an autistic nonbinary dude :) my favorite song is probably too close by sir chloe even though it makes me cry,,

I've got a dog and four chickens who are all hens, and they all smell absolutly terrible pfft

here's some things I like!

  • pokemon
  • art/drawing
  • music
  • writing/making up stories

  • - neopronouns -


    - stamps and blinkies -

    - intro -

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    hi! as you saw before, I'm Elliot, I've recently gotten into pokemon even though I don't know much about it I still like talking about it and collecting cards. I'm currently watching Indigo League and I'm only on episode 3 or 4 right now. I used to know a lot about it but I've forgotten almost all of it since then because I was just a kid, but I did find all my old cards and books and have sorted all of them into binders and I love looking through them all.
    I get the small sprites I use from this site, any not found on there were found randomly on the interwebs and I'm not sure of the artist ^^"

    - extra rambling... -

    I'm still only familiar with the first region (kento) because I'm only in 1st gen still but I do know about the other 8, still my favorite is kento. I like how all the cities and villages have themed names it makes them a lot easier to remember :) I've been reading about the other genarations because I'm not able to watch the shows right now and I can't really play any of the games other than maybe pokemon go, and I think its kinda weird to see ash in the other art styles because of how much they change his face :')
    My favorite starter pokemons are probably litten and pikachu, I like litten because... cat pokemon make brain go brr lmao and I like pikachu because I like how familiar it is?? Idk I also just think it's cute and I like the electric type pokemon.
    I want a pokemon stuffed animal that'd be cute. I dunno what to write here now lmao please help